Ugratara Trading House

Kailai Tole, Kailali Pool

We are pioneer in this business in the whole Far-west Development Region. We deal in Computers, Air Conditions, Batteries, Inverters(Online and Offline), Stablizers, Cameras etc.

Bussiness Type
Established in
2056 BS
Owner/ Contact Person
Om Prakash Paneru
Number of Employees
16 to 20


Cost: Starting from Rs. 2,200

Low Voltage stablizer works from 70 Volts. Relay stablizer, Servo stablizer etc are available.

Solar system

Cost: Starting from Rs. 4,500

We have 10 watt to 2000 watt solar PV systems in Mono and Poly category. We have street light system.

Repairing Services

We provide repairing services for Laptops, Computers, Air conditions, Camera, CCTV camera, Battery, Inverter etc.


Cost: Starting from Rs. 29,000

We deal in Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP laptops.


Cost: Starting from Rs. 5,500

We have Luminious, Microtek and Sukam brands Inverter. Online and Offline from 325 VA to 10 KVA.

Desktop Computers

Cost: Starting from Rs. 17,000

We provide Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Assembled Computers.

CCTV camera

Cost: Starting from Rs. 33,000

We have 4 channel to 48 channel CCTV cameras of CP Plus and Keeper brand.


Cost: Starting from Rs. 9,500

We have digital cameras of Canon and Sony brands.


Cost: Starting from Rs. 1,450

We are the distributor of Sipradi Energy Private Limited. We deal in Exide Battery. We have 7.2 ampere to 230 ampere battery. Acid battery, Gel battery, Solar Battery, Maintenance free battery and Auto-mobile battery are available.

Air Conditions

Cost: Starting from Rs. 38,000

We have 0.75 to 2 ton air conditions. Voltas, Hitachi, Technos etc are available.

Full Address

Kailai Tole
Ward No: 1