Roshani International Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Godawari Road, Boradari

We are in the business from last 15 years. We have been dealing in ACE Tractors from last 9 years. We also deal in Rods, Cement, GC Sheets, GI Pipes, Black Pipes, MS Sheets, MS Angle, Patti, Square Rod, Parts of ACE Tractor etc.

Bussiness Type
Established in
2058 BS
Owner/ Contact Person
narendra joshi
Number of Employees
11 to 15

Welding Rod

2.5 mm Welding Rod(12 number), 3.2 mm Welding Rod(10 number), 4 mm Welding Rod(8 number).

Sutter Profile(Sutter Patti)

15 ft, 16 ft, 17 ft, 18 ft, 19 ft, 20 ft, 21 ft, 22 ft Kan Plate, Lock Plate, Saida(Nali), Spring


Ambe Steel, Jagdamba Steel, Kathmandu Steel, Goyanka Steel.


20x3 Patti(Grill Patti), 20x5 Patti(Grill Patti), 25x5 Patti, 40x5 Patti, 40x10 Patti, 50x10 Patti, 50x5 Patti, 100x10 Patti, 125x10 Patti.

MS Channel

3 inch Channel, 4 inch Channel, 5 inch Channel, 6 inch Channel, 8 inch Channel

MS Black Pipe

1 inch round and square pipe(8 kg to 15 kg), 1.25 inch round pipe(7 kg to 20 kg), 1.5 inch round and square(8 to 25 kg), 2 inch(10 to 35 kg), 2.5 inch(15 to 40 kg), 3 inch (20 to 70 kg), 4 inch (30 to 80 kg), 5 inch (40 to 100 kg).

Hardware Products

We are both retailer and wholesaler of Hardware products such as Rods, Cement, GCC (Karkat pata or Jastapata), MS Black Pipe, MS Sheets, Angle, Patti, GI Wire, Welding Rods, Barbed Wire, Square Rods, Color etc. We also provide Free Home Delivery(within Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan).

GI Wire

8 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial),
10 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial),
12 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial),
14 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial),
16 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial),
18 " GI Wire (heavy, medium, commercial).

GC Sheet( karkat pata or jasta pata)

40 Kg Color and Non-Color GC Sheet, 45 Kg Color and Non-Color GC Sheet, 50 Kg Color and Non-Color GC Sheet, 60 Kg Color and Non-Color GC Sheet, 65 Kg Color and Non-Color GC Sheet.


Jagdamba OPC, Jagdamba PPC(Ultra), CG Gold (PPC), CG Gold (OPC), Reliance PPC, Reliance OPC, Rockstone PPC, Yeti PPC.


25x25x3 Angle,
32x32x3 Angle,
40x40x3 Angle,
40x40x5 Angle,
50x50x5 Angle,
65x65x5 Angle,
75x75x6 Angle.

ACE Tractors

Cost: Starting from Rs. 8,00,000 to Rs. 17,00,000

We have 30 to 60 Horse Power Kirlosker and NG Engine. We provide Finance Service and Life Time Free Service Facility. We also provide 4 year Warranty and Door to Door Repair. The parts are available any time.

Full Address

Godawari Road
Near Army Barack
Ward No: 4