Ocean View Aquariums

Uttar Behadi Road, Bus Park

We are the only business selling Aquariums and Aquarium Accessories in Dhangadhi.

Bussiness Type
Established in
2071 BS
Owner/ Contact Person
Dinkar Joshi/Deepak Pujara
Number of Employees
1 to 5

Fancy Fishes

Fancy Fishes like Gold Fish, Guppy, Carp, Oranda and all other aquarium fishes are available .


We provide Modified Aquariums, Aquariums according to orders.

Aquarium Accessories

We provide Fish Food, Filter, Lights, Air Pump, Aquarium Stones and all other Aquarium Accessories.

Gift Items

We provide types of Plants, Toy, etc.

Full Address

Uttar Behadi Road
Near Old Provident Fund (Sanchaya Kosh) Building
Ward No: 4