Krishak Sahayog Kendra

Main Road, L N Chowk

We deal in Seeds, High Quality Seeds, Cereal, Vegetable and Fodder Seeds, Vet Medicines, Agro Chemicals and Agriculture Equipment and Vet Surgical Items.

Bussiness Type
Established in
2049 BS
Owner/ Contact Person
Laxmi Kant Dhakal
Number of Employees
6 to 10

Veterinary Surgical Equipment

Syringe, Microscope, Burdizo Castrator, Rope, Can, Feeder, Drinker for Poultry Farms and Others.

Vegetable Seeds

Cauliflower Snow Crown, Nimpo, White top, Devi 2, Snow Mystique, Cabbage Green Coronet, Green Crown, T621 and all types of Op and Hybrid Vegetable Seeds.


Hand Sprayer, Electric Sprayer, Foot Sprayer, Sprayer Plastic Barrel, Sprayer Pittal Barrell, Bottle Sprayer, Automizer etc.


Berseem, Oat, Teosente, Vetch, Bajra, Sudan, Lucrene.


Organic and Chemical Fertilizers, Major and Micro Nutrients, Hormones, Vitamin and Hormones, Folier and Granules.

Cereal Seed

Rice, Maize, Wheat, Lentil etc

Agri Equipment

Sprayer, Watering Can, Sprinkler, Sekature, Hedge Shear, Prunning Saw, Grafting/Budding Knife

Agri and Vet Products

Seal Pauline, Polythene Sheet, Polythene Tube, Green House Items, Apron, Glove, Boot, Rake, Hoe, Spade etc.

Full Address

Main Road
Opposite to Veterinary Hospital
Ward No: 1